Entry Level Racing Equipment

Skis of appropriate length – race skis aren’t necessary and twin tips seem to be the all around Nelson young ripper ski of choice.
Boots – that fit properly. Young skiers are happier and ski longer with boots that fit well.
Ski Poles of correct length.
Ski helmets are mandatory with a hard shell covering of the ears.

Provincial Racing Equipment

  • Helmet with hard ear covering
  • Removable chin guard
  • Speed suit optional, bust most racers wear one
  • Zip off warm up pants or shorts (for use at races over suit)
  • Shin protection
  • Pole guards for Slalom Racing
  • Slalom skis
  • Giant slalom skis
  • Powder skis!
  • Basic ski tuning gear
  • Mouth guard (like hockey players wear – for concussion prevention)
  • Ski pass on lanyard (around neck so that racers can strip down into their suits and be wearing their pass)

Basic Ski Sizing

Mens Slalom (cm) Giant Slalom (cm)
U12 (10,11yrs) 135 155
U14 (12,13yrs) 145 165
U16 (14,15yrs),  155 175


Womens Slalom (cm) Giant Slalom (cm)
U12 (10,11yrs) 130 150
U14 (12,13yrs) 140 160
U16 (14,15yrs),  150 170