There are three ways to pay your registration and event fees:

  1. Preferred: e-Transfer from your bank account to treasurerwh2oskiteam@gmail.com. You should be able to do this if you use online banking. There will be a $1.50 processing fee charged by your bank, but no fee to the team. For the security question and answer, please indicate your family for the question part (e.g., “Bob and Betty Smith”) and “ski” plus your invoice number for the answer part (e.g., “ski1234″ with no space). If you don’t have an invoice number use your child’s first name (all lower case) for the answer part.
  2. Use Paypal and send the money to info@whitewaterskiteam.ca. Paypal allows you to pay with a credit card or your bank account, but incurs a $0.30 + 2.9% processing fee for the team, which equates to over $10 for a payment of $348 and over $30 for a payment of $1050. In the notes section identify what you are paying for (registration, Red race, etc).
  3. Send us a cheque if you must. Please indicate who and what you are paying for, otherwise we will have no idea what the money is for. Mail cheques to: Whitewater Ski Team, Box 552, Nelson, BC, V1L 5R3.

Kidsport provides support for children whose families have financial barriers to participating. Contact Alison Robson at (250) 551-6974 or nelson@kidsportcanada.ca for details.